It’s only Tough
if it’s ToughTested

The range that has been developed to Stand The Test of Time. When it comes to quality, ToughTested will deliver.

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The first thing you notice about the Tough Tested range of products is the quality. You can tell just by looking at them that they are different from the standard mobile device cables and accessories. Once you have them in your hands, your first impressions are justified as you can feel the high-quality materials that have been used in making them. The almost indestructible cables and charging accessories are suitable for work and play. They can endure just about any environment be it hot, cold, dry, dusty or wet.

Tough Tested backup the quality of the products by offering a 5 year warranty with each and every one. This is 5x the normal industry standard warranty for similar products. Tough Tested use longer and heavier cords, higher amperage, longer battery life, more durable materials, extreme temperature tolerant components and higher grade plastics and hardware. In many cases the Tough Tested products will outlast the device they are connected to.

Apple MFi and USBIF certification means Tough Tested products also have the functionality to back up the quality. No matter what brand of device you have, Tough Tested will have you covered.

A fantastic accessory. Allows me to listen via the speakers so that I can still hear what’s going on around me or alternatively plug the buds in and drown out the background noise. Taking and making calls is easy and clear. The neck band is so light and flexible that I don’t even know that I’m wearing them. Would highly recommend them to anyone involved in outdoor activity be it work or leisure.

Very fast charging and large enough to accommodate any size phone. Will charge through my phone case as well.

I bought the 6000mah battery pack a couple months ago and it has been perfect for camping. Even around the house it has been handy when I’m using my iPad and I’m not near a power outlet.

Great cable! Gets stood on, rolled over and bent daily and doesn’t miss a beat. I use it for my new iPad and in the same time I would go through multiple normal lightning cables I have been able to keep using this Tough Tested lead.

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