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QCC was approached by Phibion in 2019 to discuss the possibility of assisting them with their custom automotive wiring electronics and wire harness requirements. They were looking to scale up their production significantly, meaning they were reevaluating their current supply chain to make sure it would be able to add value to their new plans as they outgrew existing capacity.

Over 34 years of supplying Communications, IT and AV Cable solution experience.

At QCC, we are happy to work on any size project and we work across a wide range of industries. Whether you are after pre-made cable or custom cable manufactured solutions, we have the experience and ability to design and  manufacture low voltage control, communications and data cable solutions.

The Phibion Project

We are always on the lookout for projects where we can add value using our years of in-house expertise and trade-qualified personnel. The Phibion project aims to engage in a long-term partnership where both companies can share knowledge to create a much better outcome over time. A perfect match!


Over the last 5 to 6 years, QCC has heavily invested in expertise, training and equipment that is specifically targeted to the Automotive industry. At QCC, we have a purpose-built manufacturing facility in Darra, Brisbane and have highly experienced Automotive Electricians on staff who can turn their hand to all types of vehicles.

About Phibion

Phibion began its operation in early 2006 and have developed the sustainability focused,  “Mudmaster” machine, that assists with reclaiming water from mining tailings dams. Phibion identified this as a global issue. As a result, they are ramping up production of their Mudmaster machines in line with their rapidly increasing customer base.

Forming a long-lasting partnership with Phibion

From our initial meetings with the team at Phibion, we recognized that we needed to understand Phibion’s business on a far deeper level so we could help them achieve the best outcome possible. For a unique solution we took a unique approach for our industry, but to be honest, it wasn’t that unique for QCC. We are always playing the long game.

We have gained new business.

Phibion have benefited from our focus on the Automotive industry as the work we have done with other Auto modifiers and manufacturers, and the expert personnel we have gained, has given us the experience to add increasing value to new customers. We are currently assisting customers to build/modify vehicles for mining, emergency services, trades services, RV manufacturers and coachbuilders. The vehicles may differ, but the requirements remain the same. Reliable, accurate and high-quality products and workmanship – the cornerstone of any high performing team.

The Phibion Engagement Process


    Viewed and inspected one of the Mudmaster machines onsite at a minesite in the remote Pilbara region, Western Australia. We were able to see the machine working in its natural environment, allowing us to come back with a better understanding of the scope of the project. This allowed us to come up with solutions on how we can assist Phibion in a truly meaningful fashion and intimately capture their most valuable requirements.

  • Gaining Quality | Sustainability | Scalability | Efficiency
    Our Brisbane team worked with Phibion’s Electrical Engineers and CAD team to create a complete new mapping of the Mudmaster’s electrical and IT systems



    QCC helped design a new 24V solar system, replacing their previous 12V system. This helped improve sustainability through being powered by renewable green energy – one of the most valuable features for most mine sites around the world

  • We streamlined Phibion’s purchasing and supply chain, saving them money and assisting them to meet their product demands in terms of scaling up production volume. QCC was able to supply all the custom wiring harnesses as well as other electrical devices. We also provided our services at a fixed cost, allowing Phibion to budget much earlier on in the project



    Efficiency | Quality Controlled | Faster
    The custom wire harnesses are manufactured off-site in QCC’s purpose-built factory.

  • The installation of the custom wire harnesses and electrical equipment was installed onsite by trade qualified QCC staff. Any changes to other parts of the Mudmaster machines that might affect the QCC solution could also be addressed in the same way. This all contributed to reducing costs and time – increasing the overall quality of the project


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